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william_homyk 01-05-2017 08:28 PM

Temp issues with my H100i GTX
Recently the temps of my CPU have gone up 10-15 C.

Idle my CPU temps sit in the mid 40s with the H100i GTX cooler temps around 42-43.

Before they sat around 31-32 C idle

Gaming my temps jump up into the 80s where before they were in the low 60s-70. My computer has an SLI setup so temps overall have always been slightly higher.

Ambient room temps are 74 Fahrenheit (23 C) and Corsair Link is set to performance with all fans running 100%

Would reseating and reapplying thermal paste be able to fix this issue or do these symptoms indicate that I need to RMA this cooler. I have had it for one year and 2 months so it still should be under warranty.

c-attack 01-05-2017 09:51 PM

What is happening in this screen shot? Are you at idle? The CPU load (2%) is obviously low, but I want to make sure you didn't just quit gaming or something similar. Your H100iGTX Temp (coolant temp) is sitting at 43C. That is about the worst it should ever be with 1080 SLI in a hot room. Your drive temps suggest the case ambient temp is closer to 30-34C. Running 10C over that suggests some type of flow problem with the cooler.

1) Make sure you haven't inadvertently reduced voltage to the pump. This can happen with BIOS flashes resetting the Q-fan controls. Your pump appears to be at max speed, so this is not likely the issue.

2) Turn your PC off or put it to sleep for a little while -- long enough for it to return to room temp. Wake and watch the main page in Link, particularly the H100i GTX temp. In a normal system, it might go up 1-2C over several minutes. If you have a flow problem, it will go much faster and to a greater extent, likely from your 20-something room temp back up into the high 30's or 40's. Just let it idle. You can open web pages and such, but keep the GPU load low. This is an easy way to separate CPU waste heat from other case heat management.

william_homyk 01-05-2017 10:18 PM

The screenshot is from when the system was idle and after I had rebooted.

After shutting it down for 3 hours and rebooting then letting the system idle cpu temps started at 34 and increased over time to where they are now in the high 40s. Currently listing CPU package temp at 51 celsius and cooler temp at 43.1 celsius. Have not gamed or done anything cpu or gpu intensive.

Room temps still at 23 Celsius so Cooler and CPU almost 20 degrees higher.

The pump and fans are running at 100%.

I'm assuming this means something is wrong with the cooler.

c-attack 01-05-2017 10:30 PM

Yes, there is some type of flow issue, probably a partial blockage. Sometimes extra sealant ends up in the coolant stream and it can literally gum up the grates on either side of the pump motor. No telling exactly what the problem is without taking it apart, but that will be someone else's job. You can start the RMA process here.

You'll need to describe the issue and upload your purchase invoice. When detailing the problem, focus on that wake and continual slow H100iGTX temp rise up to the 40's. That is the classic sign of a blockage and hopefully that will cut down on the back and forth responses. Also, you can request an Advanced RMA where they place a hold on your credit card while they ship you a new unit. You then return the broken version and the hold is dropped. That would cut down on the shipping time.

william_homyk 01-05-2017 11:00 PM

Thank you I wanted to just list the issues i was having before I went ahead with the RMA to see if it was a fixable problem or not

Since I will have to replace the cooler anyway should I go with different fans for the cooler.

Right now I have 2 Corsair SP 120 fans Corsair CO-9050032-WW
57.2 CFM / 1650 RPM /1.46 mmH2O

that replaced the stock fans because I wanted an all green setup for my razor case.
I know the stock fans for this cooler have a static pressure rating of around 4mmH2O. What are considered the best static pressure fans for a radiator and would it be worth an upgrade from the ones I'm currently using?

My H440 case currently has the 3 front fans as intake an SP140 AF as exhaust out the back and the two radiator fans setup as push through the top of the case.

c-attack 01-06-2017 06:13 PM

Do you have those SP120 LED fans plugged into the pump? While not responsible for this issue, those are DC 3 pin fans and would probably run at full speed all the time. You don't need to do that. Move their connectors to the motherboard and use BIOS fan controls for any DC fans.

Would a pair of SP120 Performance Edition (PWM) fans give you cooler temps? Probably on a full stress test, but we are talking about a few degrees. During sub-maximal loads, possibly no difference at all. The fans will only start to matter when the amount of wattage added into the water system exceeds the radiator/fans ability to remove it. This is not a condition you usually encounter unless you do rendering, video editing, or use other professional programs. Also, be careful with statistics, particularly static pressure and airflow ratings. They are always RPM dependent. I assure you -- you do not want to run any pair of 120mm fans at 2400 rpm unless it is absolutely necessary. Airflow and pressure numbers are not linear, but you can still approximate the comparative values at like RPMs. Try to equalize for a RPM you are willing to use. Back down at 1300 RPM, your SP120 LED and SP120 PE will be quite similar in performance.

2-4C in CPU temps is a rather intangible difference for enjoyment purposes. You are more likely to find pleasure in how the fans look and sound. For most people, this is the better approach to take. You only need to min-max when you are pushing your hardware into the upper limits. To that end, if you are looking for a PWM LED fan, you might consider the ML120 series or the HD120 RGB series. Neither is cheap, but there are not of lot of PWM LED fans in the world. If you don't care about the LEDs, there is an enormous litany of choices in the 120mm market.

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