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TigerOnTheProwl 02-28-2019 08:55 PM

Void Pro Wireless keeps losing connection.
Hey guys. I'm having a bit of an issue with my Void Pro: It will randomly lose its connection to the transmitter. It's been happening for a while now, but it seems to be getting worse. It's not really a huge issue when it happens occasionally. I just have to hold the power button like I'm turning it on until I hear "powering on. Link established". But just in the last hour it's happened 5 times - sometimes within 10 seconds of being reconnected - and it's starting to get really annoying. I have the latest drivers, latest firmware, and latest iCUE software. I'm not sure which one is causing the issue. Does anyone have a fix?

Corsair Notepad 03-01-2019 03:16 PM

Are there other wireless devices being used in close proximity? If so try moving them away from the wireless dongle as they can be causing interference.

TigerOnTheProwl 03-04-2019 12:21 AM

I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as a wifi adapter. I've disconnected all of those, but the issue still persists. I've also discovered that it disconnects only while it is plugged in and charging.

Corsair Notepad 03-05-2019 12:51 PM

I would recommend you contact our Support team by opening a ticket at

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