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LyntonB 07-18-2018 11:52 AM

Corsair RGB online profiles no longer available? iCue profiles non-existent?
I used to be able to access and import/download rgb profiles for my compatible devices e.g. K95 rgb, MM800.
Ever since I 'upgraded' to iCue I can no longer find or import these profiles through the iCue website or via the Windows app where I don't think I can find an 'import profiles compatible with my device' option as there used to be unless I am missing something glaring?
Is this just something Corsair are catching up with since launch? i.e. it missed launch?! auto profiles like FC5 work ok except one little hiccup where it froze the stars and stripes profile after the game closed and I could not change to any custom or new profile after exiting, only fix was to restart the pc.
Thanks for any additions to this thread, professional or otherwise.

PJH 07-18-2018 12:21 PM

There is a thread in this very sub-forum with a link, but here it is for you.

LyntonB 07-18-2018 03:45 PM

Hey Alex, that's kind for the redirect but I did see your post earlier under the iCue profiles section as I had a scour through the last few weeks of posts first. Problem is I need the official answer from Corsair on this and where their old profile hosting section has gone (also why we can't import profiles matching our hardware from within iCue)

Inheritance 07-19-2018 11:49 AM

The old profile hosting section was removed so it could be updated for iCUE. They do plan on adding it back in eventually but it's not a high priority right now.

LyntonB 07-20-2018 12:34 PM

Ok thanks Inheritance, let's wait and see. Newest version did not change things

willysantris 07-30-2018 11:31 AM

icue lightning link
hello i wanted to ask something.. i already use corsair stuff such a keyboard K95.. i also purchase n use mouse pad MM800 RGB..
so actually i use my own set up profile on my keyboard. i named it "special custom"
my question is.. can i link the RGB lightning with my set up profile "specila custom" on keyboar adnd MM800 ??
#sorry for the bad english

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