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akidd 02-11-2019 11:21 AM

iCUE 3.12.118, k95RGB, H150iPro - no device found every restart
Built a new PC. Fresh install of Win10x64. Fully updated as of today. Every driver type available in Device Manager manually checked as updated. Have a K95 RGB Platinum (firmware 3.21.7168) , H150i Pro (firmware 1.0.4). Every USB port works - 2, 3, 3.1, 3.1c.

Installed latest available iCue 3.12.118. Both devices detected and working. I've used this keyboard on another PC with no problems.

Every time I reboot now my keyboard lighting profile isn't activated. Open iCue and it says "No Device Found". Restart... nope. Uninstall iCue, reinstall. After the first reboot - "No Device Found".

I downloaded usbdeview and both are listed correctly.

I do an install repair now and it corrects itself without having to restart. I have to do this after every Windows session.


Corsair Calico Jack 02-13-2019 12:46 AM

Probably a USB enumeration error. Go to iCUE and select Setting. Turn off Start on System Startup. Then open iCUE manually and see if everything starts normally.

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