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SkylarLeopold 12-16-2018 11:26 AM

SP 120 RGB Fan stuck on static green
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I recently built my first pc and everything went fine. I had purchased a 3 pack of corsairs sp 120 rgb fans. It came with the control and the lighting hub. When i built it i realized i only had 2 available ports for fans on the motherboard, so I decided to just put in 2 of the fans and wait on a 3 pin fan hub to put in the other. So the fan hub came in and i connect the third fan to it, and i connect the 4 pin into the lighting hub into the third slot. The first 2 fans that i put in worked perfectly when i plugged them into the new 3 pin fan hub. When i turned on the pc the 3rd fan i had just installed was static green, not purple like i had the other 2 set. so i cycled through the colors and modes on the little black controller and the first 2 fans were working, but the third was still static green. Its not even the same green as the other 2 fans, it more of a white tone. So i thought maybe it was the three pin fan hub, so i plugged the 3rd fans 3 pin into an available slot on the motherboard and it stayed static green. Cycled through the options again and nothing happened. I tried switching around the 4pins connected to the lighting hub and no matter what slot I put it in it stayed green. Whenever the first two were plugged into different slots the lighting stopped working. For some reason this fan just wants to stay green. I use corsair link 4 to control my ram but it does not control the fans, only the included controller. Any suggestion?

Corsair Jam 12-18-2018 03:04 PM

Can you provide photos of your wiring setup? If you hook the fans individually onto the RGB fan hub - do you have the same results?

SkylarLeopold 12-18-2018 03:41 PM

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The blue colored fan mounted at the back of the case is connected to port 1, the green on top is connected to the third port (that's the one that wont change color) and the blue at the front of the case is connected to the second port.

I unplugged the working fans and plugging in the other fan into each of the six ports on the controller. I tried cycling through all of the options but its still staying green for each one.

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