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Kreachers 05-21-2018 02:18 AM

Macro toggle lighting on separate key(s)

First off, I wasn't able to find any help how how to do this when I googled and search one here. If someone else was able to find a post the helps please point me to it.

Anyways, I have a macro set up to be toggled when I press F4. I would like for when I toggle the macro on, the number pad lights up or pulses. Right now I have the macro activating the lighting effect, but depending on what the stop option is set to, it either doesn't turn off when toggling the macro off or its not active the entire time the macro is toggled. Also if possible I would like the number pad/light effect to not activate when pressing the button it is assigned to, only to activate when I toggle the macro.

This might be a strange request but i would appreciate it if someone could help me do this.

Also, if it matters I'm on version 2.23.40 of CUE.


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