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toddnunez94 09-12-2014 03:48 PM

I'm done with Corsair SP120 fans :( Rattle Sound
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I just can't take the irritating and annoying rattling sound coming from my Corsair SP120 PWM HP fans. I have them set up as push pull on my H100i (mounted on top/Horizontally). I have gone through, I believe, at least 6 RMA's on both of my Twin Packs. Because I had so many RMA's, they told me they would test out the pairs, and have them sent to me. Upon receiving, I waited to install them because I was also waiting on an RMA unit for my H100i. The H100i was backordered, so I had to wait a few weeks for it. I just received my H100i yesterday, and I installed the fans and H100i last night. Upon restarting my system, the first thing I heard was the annoying rattling sound. Its almost like I received the same fans, but I know I didn't because of the issues I found out with these specific fans. Whenever the fans are mounted horizontally, gravity takes over and basically pulls the bearing out of the socket (does that make sense?). So its almost like they are not faulty fans, just bad engineered? I'm not trying to blame Corsair or anyone on the fans, because I simply love them, just not the rattling sound.

I just don't know what to do now... I've been having an issue with these fans since I purchased them around June. Around 1000RPM, the fans are nice and quite. But once they hit ~1300Rpm-1600RPM, they start to do the rattle. When I say rattle, im literally talking about a rattle, not the loudness.

I've made a ~million post here and on stating that it had to deal with case vibration, but I now know that its not that. It has to deal with the bearings. That is what a corsair tech support person told me in my ticket. Since the fans aren't faulty (and I feel bad for opening so many RMA's), I wont open anymore RMA's on the fans... Unless they start failing.

Is there anyway to fix this issue? I absolutely love these fans, but I just cant take the rattling sound. The aesthetics are beautiful in my case.

It isn't like I'm trying to build a COMPLETELY QUITE computer, but the rattling isn't just quite, its annoying.

Now I'm not saying all the corsair fans are bad (or if its just that they are mounted horizontally), but my Af140 fans don't make that rattle. I have 2 AF120 red LED fans at the bottom of my 750D, and they don't make a rattle. Its almost as if its just the SP series fans.

While talking to the corsair tech support rep, he told me that it had to do with the bearing and gravity (like I mentioned above). He told me to try and push the fan blades back into the socket, which should fix the rattling here and there. I tried that, and it didn't fix anything. From what I've heard, I'm not the only person having issues with these fans.

So now, I really hope someone has found a solution to this problem. For now, I'm keeping the fans, but I'm very displeased with the rattle.

toddnunez94 09-12-2014 05:35 PM

I have done exactly the same as you. I've been dealing with this for months. I've tried gaskets, grommets, and almost everything. I even took out the H100i, will all fans still in tacked, and help it in my hand... No vibration or rattle. Once I set it back up in my case... Annoying rattle. Nothing I tried fixed it. It's definitely the bearings.

While I was waiting on my fans, I took out two of the old ones, and left the H100i in push. They still gave off the rattle. This is the reason for having to RMA the H100i. I try and set up the fans a different way (just like the corsair reps and people in the forums tell me) and I end up stripping the screw holes. No matter what how I set them up, arrange them, or anything, I still get a rattle. I'm just to the point where I guess I will have to take the rattle sound. Unless I decided to sell them, and go with another brand. But I absolutely love corsair and there components.

toddnunez94 09-12-2014 05:38 PM

And over tightening the fans on the SP120's are almost impossible, because they have the rubber screw holes. If you over tighten them, then it will just push down the rubber holes, rather than the actual fan. You also say "recently" replaced the stock with the SP fans. Are you talking about the led SP fans? Because those don't have the rubber screw holes.

Speed 09-12-2014 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by toddnunez94 (Post 727427)
I even took out the H100i, will all fans still in tacked, and help it in my hand... No vibration or rattle.

So it's only when in the case that the rattle is present.

sandstorm1 09-12-2014 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Speed (Post 727466)
So it's only when in the case that the rattle is present.

thats what i was thinking.

if the bearings were somehow bad don't you think it would rattle out of the case?

toddnunez94 09-12-2014 08:51 PM

I don't understand it either. It's almost like my hands are "insulating" it. If I have had like 6 RMA's then it's obviously the fans.

Conners 09-12-2014 08:54 PM

You would be better off with some Swiftech Helix PWM fans.. or Benfix ones

wytnyt 09-12-2014 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by toddnunez94 (Post 727427)
I even took out the H100i, will all fans still in tacked, and help it in my hand... No vibration or rattle. .

it obviously isn't in the fans especially after multiple returns
Id suggest doing further testing to isolate the actual problem.

toddnunez94 09-12-2014 10:44 PM

It has to be the fans, as they are also mounted horizontally. I RMA'd my H100i too, so what else would be the problem? I even added a foam gasket between the fans and radiator. Everyone keeps telling me it's not the fans... Well then what else could it be? Give me some solutions or something. Please

As for further testing, how? I've done almost everything every corsair tech rep told me. Could it be that I screwed them I'm wrong?

wytnyt 09-12-2014 11:20 PM

first.thx for not taking my diverse opinion the wrong way.
let me give you a scenario I myself went thru
with my first hydro i had a loud pulsating hum noise that i thought for sure was the pump,,i pushed on the pump and the noise lowered but was still there so i decided to tolerate it as it wasn't that bad,,it wasn't till i had a hdd fail did i realize the hdd was making the pump noise
now like you had i removed/ran the pump then the noise of course would be gone
Id check each component and if a vibration exists id isolate that component and check,,id also systematically push/press on every area in the case as noises will easily resonate.
some fans have end play in the shaft and the way to check is turn the fan around and mount it.
the reason im so skeptical is the odds of finding the same problem in multiple fans is scarce...

toddnunez94 09-12-2014 11:39 PM

I appreciate a sincere response. But after doing what every rep told me to do, as well as people in the forums, the solutions never work and its very irritating. For the past 3 months, all I've been doing was to try and find a solution. On multiple forums, I've seen people talk about the rattle when the fans are mounted horizontally. Some don't, and some do. When I first bought my Sp120 fans, I had the NON PWM high performance fans. If I remember coorectly, I never heard a rattle from those. Its almost like its only the PWM fans that are causing it.

And I know for a fact that its the fans. Just now, I took off my 750d side panels, and unplugged all 4 fans from the H100i. They are still mounted, just not plugged into the pump. I booted up the system, and oh my... it was whisper quite. Then a few seconds after boot, I plugged in each fan. As I was doing so, I could hear the rattle. It does settle down, but then it will rattle and make a vibration sound, that doesn't sound normal. Now, as I'm typing this, its almost as a vibration sound is coming from the fans every 2 seconds... almost like there in intervals.

From the past experience, I bought some XSPC radiator gaskets, because I assumed that it was from vibration off the radiator and case. NOPE. the gaskets didn't solve anything. But if the H100i booted whisper quite with no fans connected, then it has to be Sp120 fans, and nothing else.

This is a brand new H100i, and brand new SP120's.

wytnyt 09-13-2014 12:45 AM

seems you have covered all your bases
perhaps you should go with the quiet SP fans
i have them on my 360 rad and at full rpm,their still rather quiet and cooling is still good.
if this is an option im sure Corsair will work with you.

toddnunez94 09-13-2014 12:59 AM

Thanks again for a response. I just feel bad because I have opened up an RMA for these fans like 6 different time. I would love to go for the Quite edition fans, but I don't think my system would be sufficient with them... I have two 780's in SLI, that use the EVGA ACX cooling, and it gives off A TON of heat into my system, and with my fans only running at 1600rpm, the water temps hit about 38C... Well I guess the Quite fans would work. I will probably have to get a fan controller then, as the H100i cant control 3 pin fans.

Do you have the PWM or the regular. Whats the highest RPM of them? I'm just not sure if its the PWM feature that's causing the issue, as I believe the NON PWM fans i had before this didn't have the issue. Maybe that's the best option. Ill contact them tomorrow and see what I can do. Maybe they can just swap them out.

wytnyt 09-13-2014 01:11 AM

i have the PWM version that run @1450 rpm ,,they cool my 360 rad and even under a hard load my 240 rad fans wont kick on till way late on a load.,,this is with one 780
I honestly dont think the hydro fans aid much in cooling your sli since their having to work the rad but even so good case fans should do the job or....
just give me the sli:D:

toddnunez94 09-13-2014 01:19 AM

Well since I have SLI, all the hot air gets pushed through the rad and give much hotter water temps. I wanted to go all out and sell my H100i to put toward the XSPC AX360 rad kit for $260, but im a little scared to dive into that, as this is my first build. But Since you have the PWM Quiet fans, you don't get any rattle or vibration at all? I'm going to set my max fan speed at 1450, and see what my temps are. I just cant take this NON NORMAL sound (Non of my other fans do this, and I have one AF140, and two AF120 LED). Ill contact Corsair again, and see if they will swap me some QE fans, or if not, ask for a refund and I will buy them elsewhere. If they don't let me get the QE PWM fans, then maybe the QE non PWM fans, and I would have to get a fan controller.

I really appreciate the help. I just didn't know what to do.

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