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ebalc 06-27-2018 12:50 AM

Rattling/Grinding on H100i (not the usual one)
Hello everyone so I have H100i and it started to make this strange non constant sound. Or atleast Im quite sure its the H100i. The sound usually doesn't start straight away on boot but after few mins of booting then starts to become more often to the point yesterday that it seemed that something stuck and the sound didn't go away and I needed to shut down the system. The system itself is about 4 years old and I never had issue with it before. Im thinking if its a fix or should I be thinking of buying a new one. Thanks

Zotty 06-27-2018 03:44 AM

That's not right... what are your temps like?..... Which h100i is it? V2?.. Not sure about other versions of the h100i. But v2 needs the cup header at 100% or maximum in bios.. have you recently upgraded or reset bios?

Zotty 06-27-2018 03:44 AM

Just reread the post.. 4 years old.. so not a h100i v2?

ebalc 06-27-2018 04:01 AM

Not sure which version it is of h100i and in the if it is here is the video of better view on non working inside of pc.

where can i check the temperatures?

speaking about bios i dont think so, only thing I know is that at one point some time ago about month or so I got screen on boot up about that overclocking has been failed, (I got PC alredy overclocked) but I didn't mess with any of the options on that screen just "F10 save and exit". That screen appeard after some power cut offs at my appartment, dunno if that might have to do anything with it.

Also the sound appeared aftwr I just moved about week ago so Im thinking mybe something has been shaken or moved out of it's position.?

I got suggestion also about psu fan beeing noisy I checked the dust filter was very dust but didn't take thr psu out to actually check how much dust is in there..

c-attack 06-27-2018 08:07 AM

Yikes. Don't power that on again. The cooler is a builder version of the CoolIT H100i. Normally, I would suggest you go in and take temperature checks, etc., but in this case there are two clear problems. 1) That mechanical gnashing. If you hear stuff like that, it's done. Don't run it again. It is doubtful it's moving any fluid, which in turn is causing issue #2. 2) The PC hitting the thermal protection zone very quickly is a usually a sign no fluid is moving. While things like dust, fan orientation, speed, etc. all have some small bearing on the end temperatures, the above problem is in a different class and you should not run the PC again until you can secure a replacement cooling method.

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