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ChipsAhoy 02-25-2018 12:31 AM

Information about the LL120s?
I've been researching for a while and cannot find the answers to my questions.

My questions are:

-If I get the 3-pack of LL120s, do I need commander pro?
-What does commander pro do that would convince me to get it rather than not using it, can I still control RGBs fully?
-Do I still need a 3-pin to molex connector to actually run the fans? So I can plug them into my motherboard?

I am currently saving up for a new build I am building in the Phanteks Eclipse P300 case (Already purchased), so I only want 3 fans because that's pretty much all that will fit.

Thanks guys :)

EDIT: I don't care about Lighting Node, I think the strips are kinda ugly when you put them in your PC, so lighting node doesn't matter for me

DevBiker 02-25-2018 02:07 AM

The 3 pack of LL-120's will come with a Lighting Node Pro and a Fan Hub. This will be everything you need to control the fans' RGB effects.

Commander Pro has all of the functionality of the Lighting Node Pro + Fan Controller + USB Ports + Temperature Probes. Fan curves are incredibly flexible and configurable in Windows.

The LL fans are standard PWM fans. You can run them off of any motherboard header ... just not the RGB.

Check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature ... lots of good info there.

EDIT: You DO care about the Lighting Node. You don't care about the STRIPS. You NEED the Lighting Node to control the RGB for the LL fans.

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