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Anualmix 03-29-2020 06:25 AM

Corsair One Crashing constantly after startup
Hello everyone,

Hope everyone doing ok with this Covid-19 problems..

My Computer:

Corsair One Pro
Lot#: 17425105
Intel I7-7700K, Liquid Cooled
Nvidia GTX 1080 8gb Liquid Cooled
Corsair 16GB 2400MHz DDR4
Z270 M-ITX
Windows 10 Home Edition

The Problem:

I bought this computer new on March 2018. Since then it worked flawlessly. However about 1 Month ago this problem started. Let me try to explain.

One day I arrived to the C1 and it was on BIOS. I exited Bios and it turned on. When it arrived to Windows crashed, freezed, blue screen and goes to Bios. Attempting to exit Bios but he comes back to Bios. Can't turn on windows. After some attempts or just leaving it on Bios for some time and I was able to reach windows. This is happening day after day after day.

Two things I noticed. If I turn it on witouth crashing, If i leave it on start up witouth doing nothing, no apps, browser etc for like 1 hour it becomes more stable and I'm able to use it for like 3-4 hours until a new crash.

Other thing I noticed is that despite beeing playing a High Req Game or just browsing on the internet it crashes.

After searching for this issue one C1's found some people with similar problems. I've tried some tips that were:

Disconnect C1 and the cable to the monitor. Turn off from energy both for 1min. Didn't work.

Turning Off Fast Boot on windows definitions. It looks more stable after each crash. With this I mean after going to Bios I'm able to start up the computer until a new crash. It doesn't crash so fast.

Any more tips? Thank you...

Anualmix 04-02-2020 02:27 PM

Yesterday and Today crashed more than 15 times..

Corsair CJ 04-03-2020 12:49 PM

Hi there. Since you're able to access BIOS, see if you can change the PCIe Gen setting from Gen 3/Auto to Gen 2 explicitly, your BIOS revision may or may not have this setting visible (newer BIOS revisions for your system have this setting already configured for Gen 2 by default).

Have you submitted a ticket to our support system? They'd be able to help more effectively there.

As a side note, the current situation has definitely thrown new wrenches in our workloads. I strongly suggest getting a ticket in ASAP since they can track your specific issue and you'll have a rep assigned to you at the very least.

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