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Yesteerty 09-16-2017 04:42 PM

Please help! Corsair void rgb wireless stopped working
I've got this awesome headset on my birthday 9 months ago suddenly they stopped working... when I connect them to my computer it says "USB-Enhet känns inte igen" which translates to "USB device does not recognize" or something just like that. I have done things with Windows settings like uninstall the USB device but when I put it in again the "USB device does not recognize" pup up again!

Please help me! I love the audio quality and everything

Sorry for bad English!

Toasted 09-17-2017 06:36 AM

If you are able to obtain the proof of purchase, Put in a support ticket with Corsair.

Is the dongle just not recognised properly? Have you tried the dongle on another computer? Does it work fine?

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