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DemonRoxas 04-30-2018 07:25 PM

Please add download links to older iCUE versions
I just updated to 3.2.87 and the "black turns rainbow" bug completely ruins the all-black/turned-off lighting profile I created for movie-watching. Now I want to go back to the version I had before (I believe it was iCUE v3.1.133) but this download doesn't exist anymore. Please let us download the old versions too, 'cause the new bugs suck and I don't want to wait for the next version when this (hopefully) gets fixed.

muxasya 04-30-2018 08:13 PM

DevBiker 04-30-2018 11:32 PM

Your other option is to create an "Almost All Black" profile that uses Color Shift and switches between 0,0,0 and 1,0,0.

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