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DemonRoxas 04-01-2018 03:35 PM

[BUG] Effect Layers go out of sync across all devices
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I have a profile where the visual effects are composited of several layers, all of them timed to execute every 3sec
in sync with each other. For example, there are two seperate Wave effects (one pink and one orange) crossing my
Strafe RGB keyboard at the same time, overlapping one another to create "crosses". In the old CUE2, it was
always in sync every 3sec, but now in iCUE it desynchronizes after ~15-20min.

How it was on CUE2 / it's intended to be:

How it becomes after several minutes in iCUE:

Same thing with my Lighting Node PRO RGB LED strips and the SP120 RGB fans, the Ripple layers are to be executed
every 3sec in sync with one another, which results in the cyan Ripple and the orange Ripple to follow one another closely
(that's how I timed it).

How it properly works for a couple minutes:

And again after ~15-20min it completely desynchronizes into this mess:

Something is off with iCUE's internal timer, which worked just fine in CUE2.

VapeNayshYall 04-01-2018 03:57 PM

You're not alone bruh. I've been experiencing this as well. It's bothered me enough to a point where I've created a static profile just to ride it out until they fix this issue. Do you also get the occasional flickering with your lighting?

DemonRoxas 04-01-2018 04:11 PM

Haven't noticed any flickering yet... but this synchro issue bugs me the hell out.

totorman 04-01-2018 11:47 PM

Seeing the same desynchronization with a home made moving rainbow effect.

Corsair CJ 04-01-2018 11:54 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide a log? (You can export a log in iCUE by going to "Settings" then clicking the "Export" button).

DemonRoxas 04-02-2018 10:24 AM

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Here you go. I've also attached the iCUE profile to the main post so you can test it with your hardware.

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