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johnnybp7 12-08-2019 06:26 PM

XC7 CPU Water Block RGB 3 Wire Lead Length
Hello all!
I'm just in the process of installing a few of the Hydro X products (one of them being the XC7 CPU block) and upon installation / hookup I noticed that the 3 wire lead that comes off the block is too short to reach the Commander Pro and where I have it mounted. I was debating on cutting and adding in a few extra inches of wire but figured I'd inquire first if Corsair (or 3rd party vendor) offers any pre-made 3 wire extensions?

Zotty 12-08-2019 07:04 PM

Do you have any of the Corsair Pro lighting strips.. the extensions that come in the pack will fit.... you could also try PirateDog Tech

Corsair GregX 12-09-2019 04:30 AM

Just a note, the Hydro X products with RGB can be daisy-chained.
Usually, it's the XD5 pump/res -> CPU or GPU water block and can be set up in basically all case sizes.

If that is not the case, the expansion from the Corsair Lighting strips or the solution provided by Zotty will work.

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