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InfaMoose 12-13-2019 11:21 AM

LL120 fans + Corsair Crystal Series 570x Case
I recently purchased a corsair crystal series 570x case which came with 3 front RGB fans. I also purchased 3 additional fans in a LL120 pack. I attached the 3 additional fans to the corsair controller and the buttons are not properly adjust the colors of the fans that I added as a part of the LL120 pack. those fans are all 4-pin connectors while the fans that came with the case are 3-pin connectors. Will I need to return the Ll120 pack for different fans to match the existing 3-pin connector fans that came with the case, or should I be able to configure Icue for all of the fans to work together?

uKGMAN 12-17-2019 07:30 AM

You can't mix and match different types of fans in the LED hub. The 570x comes with corsair SP120 fans as standard. So you can either return the LL120s and get SP120s or go the expensive route that I did and replace all the SPs with LLs because they do look stunning.

Johnny_B500 12-17-2019 12:39 PM

As per previous comment, you can't mix different fan types on the same RGB hub. For further information, feel free to check out the RGB guide/FAQ linked below:

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