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FAaBbiii 04-13-2019 06:38 AM

iCUE 3.14.104 CorsairGetDeviceCount returns 0

With the new update 3.14.104 for iCUE the function CorsairGetDeviceCount often returns 0 devices.
Sometimes the problem is resolved after a reboot. Restarting the Corsair service or iCUE does not fix the problem.

I have already reinstalled iCUE. I have re-downloaded the SDK and tested the example projects and the problem also occurs there.

iCUE Log:
cue.sdk: Client performed protocol handshake: "\\\\.\\pipe\\:pid:18604\\{901d5336-9d71-49f1-89b3-3f8af3d8eadf}" sdk protocol version: 5

any ideas?

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