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AbsoluteMayheM 01-21-2015 12:44 PM

How to completely uninstall/remove database to factory defaults
<edit> Sorry there should have been a question mark in the title. This is not HOW TO, but more correctly HOW DO I? ...

Hi. I have been playing around with my K95 and I have had horrible success with the keyboard. I am unable to import "K95" profiles. They never work. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, used the latest CUE version. uninstalled and went to an older version recommended by other threads.

I have set my "Custom Profile" as the default profile and saved it to the keyboard. That was working perfectly fine for the first 3-4 days I had the keyboard. Now if I shutdown or restart my computer that "custom Profile" initially loads with windows. As soon as the CUE software loads in windows, it goes to the "factory Red/White" default profile. They keyboard functions properly as a keyboard but no actions/profiles/lighting settings work or can be changed. Also even though i KNOW the factory default lighting profile is loaded. I can not use the M1,M2,M3 keys to change the factory lighting modes.

A few things I noticed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CUE software a few times. latest version 1.3.91 and the previous version 1.3.0? and then back to the latest version. Custom profiles from users (PRF files do not load properly in any version I have downloaded. and I am ONLY using K95 stated profiles. I get errors when importing, i get warnings that lightings effects need to be updated .. and a bunch of other warnings/errors. I have tried profile contest winners, random forum user profiles. Nothing works.

When I originally got the keyboard, i was able to follow the Corsair tutorial videos online and make ripples, waves, solids and Grads. It seemed to work.
I had some real basic stuff in my custom profiles with a few modes in each profile.

What I notice, even after I uninstall and reinstall and unintsall and reinstall my lightings effects list is STILL populated with all the different lighting effects that loaded when I imported the profiles.

there is no delete lighting effect option from the lighting effects list that I can find.

Uninstalling CUE does not delete the lighting effects

How do you delete these? they might be causing the problem with the keyboard and messing with the default factory lightings effects.


AbsoluteMayheM 01-21-2015 12:53 PM

Why is there two descriptions for what seems to be the SAME software

Corsair Gaming K65 RGB, K70 RGB, K95 RGB Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) Software 1.3.91 01/09/2015

Vengeance K70 RGB, K95 RGB Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) Software 1.3.91 01/09/2015

My Box, does not have the words "VENGEANCE" on it. Yet when I look at keyboard options, they only refer to vengeance K95.

Am I missing something?

Regardless. I did use the "Corsair Gaming K65 RGB, K70 RGB, K95 RGB Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) Software 1.3.91 01/09/2015" software each time.

terabyte 01-21-2015 01:38 PM

Those versions are both the same, it simply has a different name in case someone purchases the Vengeance series of the RGB products that have the old sails logo.

As for removing everything first uninstall CUE and then remove the Corsair folder in "appsData/Roaming/Corsair". A quick shortcut to get to that folder is to type %appdata% in the address bar of your explorer window.

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