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liftedplane 02-19-2020 11:55 PM

iCue issues with Void Pro Wireless
So I have a corsair void pro wireless, works great, except one thing that I cannot find a solution for.

Every single time I turn it on it says, mic off, then the mic stays red. it works still, no sidetone (not that I care) and people can hear me like it's unmuted, I swing the mic boom up and it mutes, but NEVER unmutes. I can press the mute button on the side, doesn't unmute.

Now here's the weird part, the moment I close out iCue and it works fine, sidetone, mute, unmute, everything. I've tried to force a firmware update, I've tried to uninstall and reinstall iCue, I've tried an older version... nothing seems to fix it.

I'd use it without the software except for the fact that I also have corsair ram with RGB and the scimitar which loses it's mind and all my settings when I turn off iCue.

any ideas or solutions? I'm almost at the point where I want to reinstall windows just to see if that will fix it

chaoko99 02-20-2020 12:04 AM

Piggybacking this:
With this update (Or at least one recently) the audio out of my headset is extremely fuzzy. Other users have reported this, so it's not an isolated problem.

frizur 02-20-2020 09:56 AM

try deleting your corsair gear from within windows hardware manager and replug your gear after that to have them newly detected.
This trick might be needed sometimes when a new iCue gets installed.

liftedplane 02-21-2020 01:44 AM

Tried this, tried to also uninstall everything from device manager restart and replug everything back in and that didn't work.

Might try to remove everything corsair from my computer and see if that affects it.

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