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Emma92 09-26-2019 12:10 AM

RGB Fan led hub + commander pro connections [SOLVED]

So I want to connect 4 120 ML fans(case) + 2 ML fans (H100i) + case RGB logo. I found this image on the forum, its pretty similar to what I want to do, so here I have a few questions.

1) Instead of 6 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I connect 4 case fans and the RGB logo of the case? or it would be like connecting two different type of fans and wouldnt work? If so, can I connect the logo to one of the two RGB connections on the commander pro? instead of RGB strips like in the picture? or do I need another RGB Hub just to connect the logo.

2) Im also connecting a H100i with 2 120ML fans, connecting these two RGB fans to the pump. Will I still be able to sync the H100 fans RGB with the RGb fans connected to the RGB hub? (Using link/icue)

3) If instead of the commander pro, I use any other PWM fan Hub controller, will I still be able to connect the RGB hub to "random PWM fan controller" and still be capable of using icue?

4) If I connect 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I use iCue? do I need a commander pro to use iCue?

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Now I see I need the commander PRO because the RGB hub can not be connected to the motherboard via USB, am I right? still would like to confirm if I can use any other PWM, or I must use the commander pro to be able to use iCue.

jon96789 09-26-2019 04:07 AM

TBH, I ran into the same problem as you. I have a Corsair H115i RGB Platinum and three additional 140mm Corsair ML RGB fans. I could not get the lighting to work without the Commander Pro, the RGB hub and the Lighting Node Promodule.. I believe all the fans must be the same type for you to control them with the Commander Pro.

DevBiker 09-26-2019 03:48 PM

Which case RGB Logo are you talking about here?

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