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Nemasys 10-18-2019 05:12 PM

New iCue 3.21.88 only detects 1 rgb fan off H100i
As title says, I just updated to the new iCue and now my H100i Platinum only detects and displays 1 fan in the lighting setup so the second fan the lights are completely off.

Everything else (speed control, etc) works as before.

I tried playing with the lighting setup but that does nothing.

Worked perfectly before the update and I could see both fans...

konker 10-20-2019 04:44 AM

My bad solution is to import the data you currently have, uninstall and delete the data by returning to 2.20.80, check that the two fans are there, and update to 2.21.88

Nemasys 10-20-2019 12:01 PM

I exported my profiles, uninstalled everything and reinstalled 3.21.88 directly and it fixed the problem, both fans are now showing up.

Thank god for the profile export/import stuff, I really didn't want to redo all my settings but this made everything a 1 click thing to the way it was before.

mangokr 10-22-2019 02:27 AM

It is happening to me too... Uninstall and reinstall and it start working until you disable the fans and re enable them, then the problem come back. I think it's a software thing. Tried on icue v3.20.80 and v3.21.88, and both have the same behavior.
Reverted back to v3.18.77 and working flawlessly again.

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