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danmac_au 10-21-2018 11:43 PM

iCue icon showing a warning because my HS70 is switched off
I recently got an HS70 wireless headset, which I am really enjoying using. I was already using the iCue software for my Gaming Strafe RGB keyboard so it recognised it and let me change the settings.

The thing I noticed is since having the heaset the Icon in the Taskbar is now a warning exclamation mark when the headset is turned off, which I usually do when not using it to preserve battery.

I understand the warning icon on the headset itself because it can't get the battery status (though I would question that decision as well seeing I have been trained when there is a warning icon to investigate for new firmware, or issues, not just that the device is off).

Is there a setting to turn this off? Or can this be logged as a bug or something. I get this being the default behavior for almost any other device (if my wireless keyboard wasn't connected I would want to know) but not for something as optional as a headset.

A minor thing but OCD is triggered.


GreenArrow18 10-22-2018 10:01 AM

I'm inclined to agree. My HS70 is the only way I get sound on my PC for the moment. So it's pretty obvious to me why I wouldn't be hearing anything from the headset.

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