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Havocx23 06-06-2018 12:47 PM

K95 US layout 80's Retro CUE lighting effect
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I'm uploading this here as a safe place to share this CUE profile with Reddit!
-attached the cueprofile
Edit:This is for a US Layout K95 Platinum
Edit 2: I reuploaded the profile without the random color effect

It was originally downloaded in a previous version of the cue software which had a community download section right in it. But I am unable to give credit to the original artist as I don't know how to find your name!
Please if you created this let me know so I can give you credit ( I miss that download thing :[pouts: )

Its teal and pink with a vertical scan and appears to flicker in an 80s vaporwave style I'm pretty sure it has to be on advanced lighting

I can update with a video later today, Around 6-7pm est
I accidentally added this random color effect on key press I kinda liked it and left it, (also im at work RDPd to my machine to upload the profile for my PC bro and cue wont detect it while on a virtual desktop)
but to go with the A E S T H E T I C you might wanna remove that keypress effect ** I FIXED THIS EFFECT!

Guinhu 06-18-2018 09:18 AM


Does it work on K70 Lux??

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