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skalinte 05-19-2017 04:54 AM

Corsair one Headset problems
Greetings, i have a corsair one and bose campanion 5 which connects via usb to the cpu. When i connect my headset to the bose panel my mic does not seem to work but i could hear the sounds fine. And on to my recording/playback devices i cant seem to find headphones enabled/ headphone icon to be connected at all. Ive tried updating all the sound drivers and such to no avail. I also tried connecting my headset on the CPU however has no headphone jack. just a mic jack which i dont have seperately. Any advice would be appreciated.

Corsair StormShadow 05-19-2017 01:52 PM

Hi Skalinte -

The headphones port on the control pod of the COMPANION 5 is for SOUND only, not for MIC.

The reason why you do not see your headphones in the Playback Device is because you are using an ANALOG headphones, which is a plug-n-play device that has no software. In other words, only USB headphones shows up as an independent audio output device, ANALOG headphones will not.

Hope this help.

Corsair Dustin 05-19-2017 06:00 PM

It looks like your Companion 5's headphone jack is wired for headphones only and is not a combination headphone/microphone jack. That would explain why you get audio but the microphone doesn't work.

The headphones themselves won't show up in Windows either; Windows is only going to see the Companion 5 and then the Companion 5 internally pipes audio to the headset instead of the speakers.

Puzzler 06-12-2017 11:01 AM

That just means your games don't maintenance dolby encoding. You can try changing the settings in the game to see if anything works.

Of course, you will get better audio just putting the programs in "headphone" mode and letting the software provide a better audio approach

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