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JoeOnTheInterne 06-18-2016 03:54 AM

Any k65 LUX RGB profiles?
I can't find any k65 LUX RGB profiles and there doesnt seem to be any way to convert other profiles to its format. Its making me sad to the point where I might return this keyboard and just get the regular k65 RGB :sigh!: .

I was wondering if any has found any cool k65 LUX RGB profiles that they are willing to share, or if anyone knows how to convert other profiles to work for the lux that would be great too! :D: Thank you in advanced!

Elestriel 06-18-2016 08:32 AM

I'm fairly certain you can download profiles for the K65, and just change the name of the target device in the profile itself.

To figure out the name of your device, make and export a profile, then open it up in Notepad. Within the first ten or so lines you should see the name of your keyboard, probably in all caps. Copy that exactly, and then open up one of the K65 profiles in notepad. Replace the name of that device with the one you just copied, save and close, and you should now be able to import it in CUE!

Edit: Found the names. You want to change CGK65 RGB to K65 LUX RGB.

krazykid 06-18-2016 10:09 AM

I have converted all my profiles to K65 Lux, check my signature for those, if you run across profiles that are not, watch this:

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