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szymaq 10-10-2019 02:28 PM

HS70 on linux
Hi there,

Is there any problem with using this headset on linux (ubuntu)?
I prefer to ask before buying :)

Corsair Notepad 10-10-2019 02:35 PM

Our headsets are not supported on Linux. The only headsets we manufacture that would work would be ones with 3.5mm headphone jacks but that still relies on your onboard audio or audio card supporting Linux.

szymaq 10-10-2019 03:41 PM

I thought that wireless transmitter don't care about system.
Headset will not work at all? Or there is no special drivers and software for linux?

Corsair Notepad 10-10-2019 05:46 PM

We do not have any Linux driver support so there is no guarantee you will be able to get it to work.

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