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Quikhear 01-21-2020 07:06 PM

Virtuoso no longer getting sound (wired or wirelessly)
So, after a system restart recently, my Virtuoso headset has stopped producing audio.

ICue still sees it and notes that it is connected, but all audio goes to my wired desktop speakers. Whether I plug in the headset via USB (in USB mode) or attempt to sync it (which it does in software) wirelessly, the headset no longer is getting sound. It produces the tones indicating that it has synced to the dongle or that it has been switched to USB mode, it's just that I'm not getting the audio that's going to my speakers to the headset.

Previously, I would just flick the headset to wireless, it would give me the sync tone, and audio would switch from my speakers to the headset. I'm not sure what happened.
  • ICue is up to date.
  • When I go to Device Manager, I see the headset under "Other Devices" and indicates: "This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1), so it appears to be a windows driver, but I'm not sure.
  • I've run the system file checker in windows and it reports no problems.
  • I''ve put in a ticket with Corsair.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Yobo1987 01-22-2020 08:24 AM

I cant get the mic to work on my Void Pro RGB Wireless.

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