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Jaison420 11-11-2019 07:21 AM

Iron Claw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse no pinhole for hard reset
So i bought this mouse like 3 weeks ago, and i have had serious issues from day one, my profile with keybinds set, randomly stops working.

i do soft resets and that temporarily fixed the issue and every few days id have to repeat the soft reset, well tonight 3 weeks later, i have had enough, so corsair support told me to look for a pin hole, no pin hole at all ! i almost ripped the slider pads off to look for them, ive wasted like 8 hours on this rgb wireless gaming iron claw mouse and the iCUE.

2 hours tonight and i still cant play my game! im so angry i just want to go off my head, i cant help it.

why email me telling me to do a hard reset and to press down on the button in the pin hole. for the life of me i cannot find any hole neither can my partner, can some one help me out of this night mare, it was 130 dollar mouse you would think this kind of stuff would not happen!

the software iCUE i have had a terrible experience with also, very very disappointing, i am broke and have built up my muscle memory with my corsair mouse and keyboard so i cant just go buy another one, i know it will eventually be fixed but far out can this get any worse.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Apophis3 11-11-2019 12:12 PM

I looked on my Ironclaw, and did not find a pinhole either. If there is one, it would have to be under a slider pad.

Jaison420 11-11-2019 05:58 PM

Yeah, I highly doubt it's under a slider pad as I went to remove one out of frustration and began to peel it and it just simply does not feel like it is meant to be removed. So I pushed it back down so I didn't damage my mouse even further.

The thing is I messaged corsair on the 3 or more weeks ago. Told them everything.

And they still told me to press a pin hole and do a hard reset when there is not even a pin hole.

I've been out of action for 8 hours or more here and there from this mouse it's a complete joke. Probably more. Sick of wasting my evenings and afternoons after a hard day to stuff around with a mouse.

Has anyone out there done a hard reset or had these issues resolved on the ironclaw rgb wireless gaming mouse.

It also says my key board is playing up. But I don't need key binds for my keyboard thank God.

If I knew this was going to happen I never would have bought corsair mouse.

Jaison420 11-11-2019 06:04 PM

Now corsair is telling me my mouse needs to be sent back which will take 4 days probably a week knowing my luck.

Turns out there is not a pin hole even though I was told there was. This is pathetic.

Jaison420 11-11-2019 09:32 PM

Went to jb hifi. Got a replacement mouse. I was not waiting a week for corsair too look at it and send a replacement. Absolutely pathetic. Do not buy corsair, unless your willing to put up with this. No hard reset option only soft reset and that wouldn't fix the problem. Slow customer service. Pfft. Cheers for wasting 10 or more hours of me life.

Apophis3 11-13-2019 11:29 AM

I have to agree that not having the pinhole option is a bad oversight on Corsair's part, and that they should insure the option exists going forward.

Joker88 11-16-2019 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by Jaison420 (Post 1023613)
So i bought this mouse like 3 weeks ago, and i have had serious issues from day one, my profile with keybinds set, randomly stops working.

I just got this mouse, and wanted to describe what is happening to me, and see if it was what was happening to you? Basically, while in-game, the mouse 'forgets' the profile settings (even "Default" that has been changed), and goes to the out-of-box Defaults instead.

The mouse is still (wirelessly) connected to the PC, and all default buttons work. The software sees it 'normally', but any adjustments won't change the out-of-box Default that the mouse is stuck in. Turning it off/on then loads the user-defined defaults.

I bought this yesterday and it has done this to me twice today, and it looks like it'll be going back to the store.

Apophis3 11-16-2019 10:45 PM

I've found with Corsair Mice that the order of the profiles in iCUE matters, with the one on top getting preference. I've also seen software profiles overriding hardware ones set to be primary. My solution was to kill all software profiles, aka "Default", and just use hardware ones.

Syberon 11-17-2019 12:38 AM

This is a common tech support practice. When I came up with a problem with my Ironclaw Wireless, tech support also asked me to look for a reset pinhole ... on the receiver. After I wrote that there were no pinholes there, I was asked to send a mouse to them for replacement. Replacing the mouse did not help - the receiver still freezes periodically when the computer wakes up from sleep and i still need to replug it sometimes.

Nothing chages and support still asks to find a fantom pinhole :))

Phnx_e333 12-14-2019 09:38 AM

Wireless mice from corsair have no pinholes... I see the replies on here stating that people were asked by support to find the pinhole.

That's sad because on their website it specifically states that for wireless mice you have to open a support ticket and ask them to send you a firmware download that you can use to perform the hard reset. Then after downloading it you'll go into iCUE, update the firmware and instead of force update select firmware image, then select the firmware download from the save location.

I contacted them a week ago for this firmware download and no response yet.

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