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Marcus Nyne 10-01-2020 06:17 PM

Bring back the K95 RGB
I love my K95 RGB. It is a few years old now and I am looking for a replacement. I was very disappointed to find that the K95 RGB has been discontinued and replaced by a "Platinum" version that is missing features from the original version.

The bank of 18 macro keys on the K95 are amazing. The ability to have so many macros and to record macros directly from the keyboard (MR switch) is important to advanced users. I would be curious to understand why this was trimmed down in the Plat version, and the MR button removed. It makes sense that the aesthetic features (lighting and such) of the keyboard are popular across a broad spectrum of users, but the advanced features such as macros make this an elite keyboard.

The loss of the MR key means initiating macro recording from the software which involves awkwardly navigating between applications during a record session an manually removing extra commands.

It is unfortunate that you would replace the K95 RGB with an inferior product and call it "Platinum". Makes it very hard to search for information about the original.

Thanks for listening to my feedback!


RadActivelobstr 10-01-2020 08:22 PM

Still rocking a K95 with dying LEDs and weird issues (like the CapsLock light not working 98% of the time) just for the 18 macro keys alone.

Haven't replaced it because no other keyboard has this many macro keys on it.

Salsiccia 10-03-2020 11:37 PM

My guess is that their focus for keyboard macro functionality has now shifted to their newly acquired Streamdeck range. Not sure we will get back to 18 macro keys again - but that is purely my opinion - I could be totally wrong.

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