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player1986 07-12-2020 07:05 AM

i also have the same problems.

Hoofing28 07-13-2020 10:39 AM

I have the same problem did you fix this?

Hoofing28 07-13-2020 10:42 AM

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I have the same issue and news on how to fix it?

Danelite86 07-13-2020 11:09 PM

Don't bother with RMA I did and got the same thing with a new kit and it was already updated and came from TAOYUAN COUNTY TW but i'm trying to work with them to fix it. I have tried reinstall the iCUE and move the RAM to another slot and got the same thing.

Hoofing28 07-14-2020 01:31 PM

Low Quality Corsair Prodcuts

Originally Posted by CeeKay (Post 1038371)
I got two new Corsair modules and the problem doesn't exist anymore.

old Lotcode 1920040464 with issue
new Lotcode 200900057

I have RMA'ed my Corsair Dominator platinum RGB RAM now as one of my led stopped working only after 4 weeks unacceptable for premium RAM. If I have any further issues with Corsair products I will switch to new RAM. I have also returned my Corsair RGB Lighting Node Pro as two out of the total four led strips did not work. What is going on ??? Not a happy customer...

d-Z1R3 07-15-2020 10:00 AM

mine have just been sent back to the store of purchase for a RMA, i am not sure if i have the balls to order a new set of Dom plats again as every set i have had i have had issues with. i know its only a cosmetic thing but i am paying good money for these modules and they keep failing. my set was CMT32GX4M4C3000C15. which meant i had to borrow a set of modules from a friend to keep my rig going, thinking about getting two sets of 2X8Gbs instead of a set of 4x8Gb to ensure if they die again i am not borrowing memory.

thoughts on this guys?

Swordz 07-29-2020 04:37 AM

I wonder will we have any response from Corsair on this particular issue, if I know Dominator had this kind of issue I would have stick with the Cheaper Vengeance, funny enough My Dominator also can't reach its advertised speed (3200), I have been stuck with 3000.

I'll be extra cautious with Corsair products from now on.

amdx4 09-09-2020 05:56 AM

I have the same problem! I have already exchanged the memory via Corsair. Unfortunately, the same error reappears. I think it's a software firmware problem.

Have reported here in the German forum.>Link:

Corsair CJ 09-09-2020 11:54 AM

In regards to the LEDs. At first glance it appears like faulty LEDs, I'm checking in with our memory team to see if they have any solutions. That said, it's really odd that replacement kits are also experiencing this. Does this occur on the latest version of iCUE (3.33)? Also, does the "stuck" LED follow the module if you move it to another slot?

Please continue to work with our tech support team (or your point of purchase if within your return period) for a solution in the mean time.

To address the XMP rated speed question... XMP is overclocking, in most cases it should just work, however slight differences in system configuration can cause a kit to not hit the speed it was tested/rated for. I suggest BIOS update for your motherboard if possible.

amdx4 09-09-2020 04:08 PM

@Corsair CJ
The current version of iCUE 3.33 is installed! Repositioning the modules on the RAM banks does not help, the bug wandered with it.

Why is only one RAM module affected?

Corsair CJ 09-10-2020 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by amdx4 (Post 1060536)
@Corsair CJ
The current version of iCUE 3.33 is installed! Repositioning the modules on the RAM banks does not help, the bug wandered with it.

Why is only one RAM module affected?

In your situation, it looks like it could be a fault with the LED itself on that module. That said it's really odd that this is happening on a replacement kit as well. You could maybe try blowing dust out of your memory slots and/or cleaning the contacts on the module to see if that helps.

I suggest following up with our tech support team if you had worked with them before.

amdx4 09-10-2020 05:04 PM

OK, thanks for the answer! I'll test it.

amdx4 09-11-2020 04:11 PM

I switched the RAM on the board again, the error moved with it.
The cleaning of the RAM contacts brought nothing.

First one LED no longer worked correctly and now there are already two LEDs, s in the one RAM memory. It's really strange that there is such a large series spread with defective LEDs in this RAM.

Corsair CJ 09-14-2020 10:25 PM

Our product team is aware of the reports from users and should be looking into it, all I can suggest is to continue working with our support channels for a resolution at this time.

basdin22 09-16-2020 01:47 PM

Experiencing the same. Bought 8gb x 4 CMT32GX4M4C3200C16 and one led is having an issue. I RMA'ed it and bought a new one - CMT32GX4M4Z3200C16, and I thought the first one I bought just have a bad package. Lo and behold, after three days, again, one of the stick has ONE problematic LED. I even tried placing it to another system and still having the issue. Tired of going through RMA, can we just request one stick to replace the bad one?

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