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kahless 10-31-2018 07:20 PM

Thermal paste options

I bought one of the new H115i 280mm Platinum coolers that were just released. Set to deliver Thursday. Its going onto a new 9900K / Maximus XI Code build. I have a new tube of Thernal Grizzly Krynonaut. Should I clean the Corsair paste off and use the Thermal Grizzly in place for better performance?

DevBiker 10-31-2018 09:29 PM

You certainly can. You may see a couple of degrees of difference but it won't be a whole lot. Take a look at this:,5108-8.html - you'll see that the range isn't that large.

I'd also, personally, recommend using the "lentil method" rather than trying to apply the Kryonaut according to the instructions (with the little painter-thing). I didn't have much like with that - it looked like a kindergartner's finger painting.

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