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bogbrain 10-11-2009 04:54 PM

Front Power Button
Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Intel X58 Motherboard
Just a quick one. The front power button remains lit when I turn the computer off. Is this right?
Also the AC97 connector is miles away from the appropriate connector on this board is it necessary to be attached?

slamscaper 10-12-2009 12:01 AM

No it should not stay lit, you may have connected it backwards.

As far as the AC97 connector, it's used for the front audio ports on the 800D. This allows you easy access for connecting audio devices to the front audio ports as needed. However, all the x58 boards I've seen (just about ALL new mobo's for that matter) use HD audio and not the older AC97 standard.

So.... The HD audio cable is the one you'll want to connect to your mobo (not the AC97 that's spliced into it) if you want to use the front audio ports for anything (like headphones or microphones).

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