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BigFish89 06-27-2019 09:28 PM

Corsair Diagnostics (PC Doctor)
I just purchased a new Vengeance 5185 and as I was setting it up, I ran the Corsair Diagnostics. While I was running it, it got to 85% and then it seemed to crash.

I tried to reopen it but it gave some error. I can't exactly remember what the error was. Anyways, I uninstalled Corsair Diagnostics hoping to reinstall it, but I can't figure out how to do that.

Is it necessary I have this on my computer?
Where can I reinstall this?

Corsair CJ 07-03-2019 07:03 PM

The diagnostic utility can be downloaded here:

It may be needed to help troubleshoot potential system issues should you ever need to call in for tech support. It's totally up to you if you wish to reinstall it.

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