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Penda 09-16-2018 06:09 PM

Key remapping BF4
Hi, I hope someone can help me as this sending me mad or maybe Iím just a bit slow
I play BF4 and had programmed my mouse to play.I have recently downloaded icue and now when I try to shortcut the keyboard keys to my scimitar mouse it will not work. Can someone help me or point me to a basic guide.
I only really need about 4 keys
G10 - Z
G7 - 3
G9 - G
G11- R
When I have done this in the past I load the game and it switches to my BF profile, the newer version doesnít recognise this.

Zorlacc 01-04-2019 01:00 AM

Give this video a try it may help as it will give you more of a idea how to set it up. Sadly I cant find the video I used to learn how to use the program for mouse binds but this should help some ..

GFXdude 01-30-2019 09:42 AM

Thanks for the video, really helpfull

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