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ccomly 11-29-2011 10:59 AM

M90 software, misc questions.
M90 software, misc questions.

Is there any plan to be able to turn one button into a modifier for the rest?. like say if i hold down bottom lowest thumb button, it turns the rest of the buttons into something entirely different?. that would give a huge amount of more buttons you could bind directly to the mouse!

if every button could do this, you could basically have every spell/ability on your mouse, and only use your keyboard for movement!

in the mmo´s i play i have around 40+ ability's bound, sometimes more. this would be an amazing feature for me at-least.

i hope macro creation with auto-repeat will show up too, hitting those main spells over and over every 0.5 seconds it is a sad legacy from the mmo genera :/. It has no more than a crippling effect that hinders focus in-game. autorepeat would let you focus more on whats happening in the game and less about hitting that button at the exact 0.1 second every 0.5 seconds.

This looks like my next mouse i hope it has some of these features!!

owh and one last thing any plans to open up the mouse to the community, like say if someone wanted to create special drivers/software for specific game scenarios. Thinking tournaments and such. Sometimes there are missing features in given software and the pro gamer has to rely on the company to implement it, unless its open!. Something to consider atleast.

<3 this mouse sofar over and out.

edit: i realize you only have one thumb but that could still work for the top right 2 buttons, and tilt left/right middle-mouse button. id also love to see more buttons like the 2 on leftmousebutton, its a perfect area to have your most used ability's binded.

RAM GUY 12-02-2011 06:50 PM

From the KB & Mouse Product Manager:

Macro SW – we will be creating a tutorial on the Vengeance Gaming SW that will be live shortly but to answer the question on macros, there will be 4 states of play.
1. Play once
2. Play n (repeats to a user defined n)
3. Click once to start, click again to stop
4. Repeat until released

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