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LukasBB 03-01-2019 01:59 PM

380T PSU Extension Bracket
Hi I'm looking for a PSU Extension Bracket for the Corsair 380T case.
I found this: [link] but like the case it has been discontinued and I can't find it anywhere on ebay or any other platform.
Is it still possible to get it somewhere or is there a similar generic psu bracket thing that fits this case? I tried the psu bracket from my cosmos II case but it didn't fit.
My only other option would be to buy a shorter PSU something like seasonic focus plus range as it's impossible to fit in a normal sized psu and the hdd cage at the same time.
Thanks :headbang2

Corsair Caliente 03-06-2019 07:25 PM

Sorry Lukas. This is a really old case and I regrettably can confirm that many of its spare parts are no longer available.

As far as alternative replacements I don't think there are any.

LukasBB 03-06-2019 07:40 PM

Thanks for your reply. Yes it is an old case but you haven't really replaced it with anything similar have you :) It's still a very desirable product and it took me ages to track one down. It would be nice if Corsair released a new mini-itx case.

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