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C4ed3s 12-18-2018 04:12 PM

Do i need a lightning node?
Hey guys,

Iam really confused by the information you get on the corsair website and some of the threats here. Iam going to buy a 500D RGB SE Premium. This Case already includes a Commander Pro, it also comes with 3x 120MM RGBs in the front. Now I also need fans for the top and back side. Am I fine if I buy the single packed LL140mm RGB Corsair-fan or do I need the package with the the lightning node included?

If I get the information right, the commander pro should do the job? but what the hell does this rgb controller - I have read about - do?

Is there a simple guide on the components Iam missing?

Thank you in advance

DevBiker 12-18-2018 04:15 PM

The CoPro does everything that the Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) does and more.

And there is a guide. See my signature.

C4ed3s 12-18-2018 04:18 PM

Thank you very much :)

Zotty 12-18-2018 04:29 PM

Hi buddy... as said already.. you have the Commander Pro with that Case so for now you are good to go :)

Both the below links should be helpful to you

500D SE Faq thread

and the RGB EcoSystem thread as already suggested.

C4ed3s 12-19-2018 01:26 AM

that was what i was looking for on the corsair webpage :) thank you very much

Zotty 12-19-2018 02:35 AM

Hope they help buddy :)... Good Luck

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