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Sandy1919 06-22-2015 02:07 PM

H100i Warranty Question
Hey everyone, new to the forums here and I have a question about the warranty on the H100i liquid cooler. I have had this cooler for about 3 months and love it. The only thing is I am hesitant about it the more I use it, just incase it broke and leaked and damaged my hardware. I know it is very rare and I wouldn't be hesitant about it if I was informed on the warranty on it. I lost my receipt in the box during a move. Will they still cover water damage with no receipt? Or will I have to stop using it and revert to air cooling because I don't want to risk it!

Thanks in advance!

Synthohol 06-22-2015 03:38 PM

that's more of a customer service question, you can call them toll free and ask.
also, damage claims are settled on an individual basis and there is no "in writing" warranty outside of direct product replacement that guarantees replacement of other affected components.

Technobeard 06-23-2015 05:39 AM

We require the receipt in order to replace an item under the warranty.

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