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tprp 01-25-2015 06:06 PM

Cooler H100 problems
Good night guys.
Own an H100 since June 2012 and for 3 days I've been noticing strange behavior with the cooler.
Soon after boot the Cooler connects the 4 fans usually at full speed. How do I use the profile 2 after a few seconds he usually reduced the speed of the fans but now one of the fans not working and the other turns on and off sometimes.
With that I noticed that my CPU temperature began to rise more than usual so I had to undo the overclock that constant round with my i7 2600 k.
Beyond has been through this type of problem? Is there some sort of test I can do other than change the PSU and fans? (I made the switch and the problem persists)
Researched and found that the cooler is guaranteed for 5 years, someone has already used the RMA from Corsair and tell me if it really works? (I live in Brazil)

I'm hanging on.
Thank you!

Toasted 01-26-2015 12:17 AM

Try a firmware reset and see if that helps.


To reset the firmware, use the following procedure:

1. While the computer is running, hold down the profile button for approximately five seconds
2. Wait one minute, while the unit continues to run
3. Shut down your computer
4. Press and hold the profile button for five seconds while turning on the power to your computer.
Yes, Corsair provides a five year worldwide warranty from purchase date. If you need to RMA the unit, you will also need to provide a copy of the invoice for proof of purchase.

Corsair Dustin 01-26-2015 12:55 PM

I'd definitely RMA the unit.

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