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Old 02-03-2014, 02:26 PM
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Default Normal haswell? First time overclocker...

Built first DIY rig and entered into new world of overclocking experience. Just wondering if what I got is about par for a 4770k chip.

Tried UEFI optimized default setting and got me stable CPU 3.9mhz @ 1.02v, DRAM 1333mhz @ 1.51v
-at idle or just browsing internet, temp CPU 31-32 C

Tried using AI Suite 3 from ASUS, 4-way auto tuning read my system, fans, etc and after 1 reboot set me to: CPU 4.2mhz @ 1.2v, DRAM 2393mhz @ 1.67v
-at idle or browsing internet, temp CPU 32 C, motherboard 35 C
-fans all whisper quiet

Unlike the video I saw of JJ from Asus showing the 1-click 4-way optimization with the AI Suite software, my system didn't crash nor ask my input for regular fast optimization vs extreme.

I just clicked the start 4-way optimization in the software, it read and tuned my fans, asked my input for where they were positioned, did some watt vs temp graphs, etc. and rebooted once.

Not sure if there is a more extreme mode via the AI Suite but for a first timer I'm plenty happy at 4.2mhz, seems like big boost over stock 3.5 - which isn't exactly slow at stock either.

For the experienced modders out there, is 4.2 @ 1.200v about par for 4770k processors?

Re: ram, not sure if I'll even benefit at 2393mhz @ 1.67v - I'd think I'd run into other bottlenecks before I got anywhere near being able to take advantage of RAM at that speed (or so I've read, this isn't personal xp I'm just quoting what seems to be conventional wisdom posts I've researched)

Asus Maximus VI Hero mb
Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz RAM, 2x8GB DDR3
Corsair Hydro H105 w/ included twin 120mm fans (exhaust setup)
Corsair 650D case, stock fans except rear 120 replaced w/ AF120 LED
Samsung 840 EVO SSD 1TB
WD Black HDD 4TB
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Old 02-24-2014, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jacozilla View Post
Re: ram, not sure if I'll even benefit at 2393mhz @ 1.67v - I'd think I'd run into other bottlenecks before I got anywhere near being able to take advantage of RAM at that speed (or so I've read, this isn't personal xp I'm just quoting what seems to be conventional wisdom posts I've researched)
i dont believe your m/b will support that speed of ram,looks like 2133 is its max,but little to no difference tho...
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Old 02-25-2014, 05:51 AM
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Hero supports ddr3 3000mhz. It's Haswell. Ai suite is garbage and if your ram is at 2393mhz it means it's overclocking you bclk which you don't want. 1.2v is way too much for 4.2ghz if your running 1.02v at 3.9ghz. Lookup a guide. Haswell is crazy easy to overclock you simply crank up max wattage and amps in bios and set voltage and clocks. Very easy. Difference with Haswell compared to sandy and ivy is you don't have to overclock with offsetvoltage you simply manually put in voltage and the system will still down clockand uundervolted at idle. For your ram simply enable xmp and choose the 2400 profile. That's nothing for Haswell. Set cpu speed by using multiplier and leave bclk at 100. I'd set 1.2v manually and change load line calibration to medium or high (don't use extreme like many guide will say it's for ln2) and keep increasing multiplier by 1 and test with prime95 in windows for half hour to 1 hour until you reach instability then drop a multiplier and test for a few hours. If temps are OK you can keep going with voltage and clocks but that gives you a baseline. Set wattage and amps to like 300 so they don't become an issue.

I'll add in use real temp to monitor temps. If exceeds 90 in prime lower voltage and/or clocks. 90 sounds hot but these cpus run crazy hot and your stressing with prime95. If prime95 hits close to 90 you'll never see 70 during regular use.

Learn to overclock it's pretty easy once u take the time u need to put into it. Ai suite is garbage and will put excessive voltage to gaurantee stability. Look at the ram 1.67v which is over spec at a speed that under spec and probably looser timings. Xmp is for ram. Use it.

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Old 02-25-2014, 10:44 AM
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That's some solid advice,
For some comparison I am at 4.4ghz at 1.16v on my 4670k.

Here are a couple of good resources to look at regarding haswell overclocking.

There is a ton of reading there and I know that one guide is "gigabyte" specific but it has some good information that will span across all platforms.

Nice rig by the way. :D
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