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Old 06-06-2012, 01:19 AM
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Default Vengeance 2000 impressions

I got my new Vengeance 2000 headset in today, and after using it for a while tonight while working, thought I would throw out a little overview.

Initial impressions :
The packaging looks nice, and makes the set look like it costs as much as it does. I knew they were all plastic before I bought them, but I still have a decade+ set of Sennheisers that are all plastic, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing.
The padding on the ear surrounds feels good to the touch, and it doesn't bother my glasses much.
The sound quality surprised me, and it did so in a very good way. I disabled the surround, and used Audophile preset 1. I didn't get the set for gaming, I got it for music during work, and the occasional Skype call. These things sound wonderful.
I cannot yet comment on battery life since I have not used them down yet.

I do have one big problem, and it may cause me to return the phones even though I really would like to keep them. The problem is that they really don't fit my large noggin very well. I have them all the way spread, and they barely are able to surround my ears, and they do feel a bit tight. It is not an issue specifically with the Vengeance 2000, I have issues getting any headphones to fit my head well.
I am really hoping that they loosen up or something because I really need decent headphones for work that are wireless, and sound-wise, these are the best by far that I have tested.

Edit : I am going to try to return these :( However, there is no choice for the Vengeance 2000 on the RMA request page. Double :(

Bonus Edit : I think I am going to keep them after all. Hopefully they don't break on me as I try to get them to extend a smidge too much. They really sound better than the rest of the headsets I have tried. The control panel is sparse, but I use them for music and video while I work. I need the mic for the occasional skype call. I prefer wireless so I can walk down to my kitchen and grab some food or a drink and still have the headset on.

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