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Old 05-25-2012, 12:45 AM
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Thumbs up Coming to the V2000

So about a month ago, after less than 9 months in service, my Logitech G930's suffered a well known design fault(cracking on the plastic above the earcup) so I entered into discussion with Logitech support about getting a replacement. In the past, they've been really good to me about shipping replacements on confirmation of receipt/serial#. This time, however, I was met with the news that they had changed their support policies to require receipt of the defective unit before shipping the replacement.

Now, I use a headset for gaming in the evenings - sure - but I also use it day to day for my work-from-home job. So while the headset was still functional - just held together with tape a luck - I would have to go without it for probably a week to ship it out using their prepaid UPS ground label, followed by a week or so to receive a replacement. That's time out of being able to work, amounting to possibly thousands of dollars of billable hours.

Certainly, I could have bought a $15 replacement for a week or two and kept it as a backup, but the very notion of needing to pay money to aid in the replacement of an in-warranty unit is baffling to me. So I explained my situation to Logitech support via email and they refused to do much more than give me flowchart responses. So I called and spoke to phone support, who finally came around and promised me she had cleared it with her supervisor to ship me a new one. A day later my support ticket updates indicating that they'll be shipping me a new one when they receive my broken unit. I point out that is not the agreement that was made via phone support and they tell me their records show it is exactly what I agreed to - meaning someone has lied. That's where I draw the line in wasting any more time with a company.

So I set out to find a feature equivalent headset for my purposes. The keypoints being wireless and chargeable while in use(10 hour days on Skype calls burns batteries fast) - the combination of these kept leading me back to the G930, until the Vengeance 2000 started showing up in my search results.

So, they arrived today, and after a day of mixed use, some talking points for people considering coming from, or considering a return to, Logitech:

-My previous logitech warranty claims were twofold:
--an early MX mouse whose freewheel had a design defect that caused it to stop functioning - replaced with a completely different, newer model at no charge no questions asked.
--A G35 headset, broken due to a well-reported design defect(seeing a trend?) in the plastic, replaced with no questions to a G930(not the one I was requesting a warranty claim on)

So there was no history of like, abusing their good will. Both of my replacements were shipped back just fine. Previously I'd been a pretty happy logitech customer due to other peripherals going back 10 years. Audio, input, more logitech stuff than I can list.

-Full disclosure, my previous experience with Corsair is:
--Some Vengeance DDR3.
--A first-generation PSU(520W iirc) that died after about 6 months and, due to the critical nature of the issue, I simply replaced out of pocket because I really couldn't wait for any sort of warranty.
--Replacement PSU was a second-gen 650W that's still plugging away, though I'm considering an upgrade later this year to something with more headroom.

So I don't really have the same 10+ year brand loyalty to Corsair, either.

After a day of using it what I've come to as the quick bullet points are:
-The V2000 feels a lot more sturdy than the G35 or the G930. The plastic on both of those tends to creak rather often when manipulating the headset at all.
-Compared to the G930, the broader headband of the V2000 is certainly more comfortable. The ultra narrow headband of the G930 tended to, after super long sessions(yay IT crunch time) wear small grooves into its position.
-The earcups are more comfortable. The softer material is instantly noticeably more pleasant on the head.
-Seemingly more resilient to avoiding wireless dropouts. I tended to get 1-2 a day with the G930 - albeit brief, they would still disrupt a conversation.

Strongly Subjective Stuff
-I personally like the fact that the headset doesn't auto shut-off after 5-10 minutes of inactivity.
-I also like the separation of the wireless cord from the charging cord. It allows me to keep the transceiver out of the way, and simply plug in the charging cord when I actually need it.
-No configurable function keys on the headset.
-The digital surround is a lot more 'vacant' than the G930. This is most noticeable when dealing with definite 2.0/2.1 input like Skype. The G930 would tend to offer a more close-in surround. You could tell it was still doing some work on the 2-channel signal, but the V2000 makes it sound like the people I'm talking to are talking to me from across a large completely empty room.
-However, despite the different surround sound, the G930 would tend to get 'locked' into 2-channel mode even when its selection switch and software indicated it was in Surround. This would often happen after reboots and after running multiple programs using different outputs at the same time. Restarting the logitech software would fix it, but would often take ~2 minutes to re-identify the headset was active. Tossing this here because it is still too early to know if the V2000 has this issue.


-No Mute button on the headset itself. You can mute by rolling it up, but it is still not as useful as having a quick "I need to talk to somebody on the side for 30 seconds" button.
-The G930 had a switch to easily force the headset back into 2-channel mode, which was nice. When it wasn't getting stuck there.
-No independent channel volume controls in the configuration software

Ultimately, given the complete lack of care by Logitech Support I'm here now. And after a day I'm rather happy. Heck, I notice that what appears to be a Corsair employee is super active on these boards, in a personalized way, which is supremely nice to see.

So despite the grief, rest well, Corsair - you have at least one happy customer.
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Old 05-25-2012, 11:27 AM
sictransit sictransit is offline
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So there is something I need to report about the headset:

I am getting a very low-volume white noise from both earcups upon using it this morning. I am fairly certain this was not the case yesterday.
The steps that led to the create of this:

-Unboxing and installation yesterday
-Day-long use while charging via USB, with sporadic periods of cable-less use
-Powered headset off last night and plugged it in for full charging overnight - confirmed by the receiver blinking blue.
-This morning, I saw that it was charged as the light at the USB port was solid green, so I unplugged it
-Put it on, then held down the power button to turn it on.
-As soon as the headset powered on and made the connection - the receiver went to solid blue - you could hear the white noise kick in on the headset.

Now, for other odds-and-ends facts about this:
-It doesn't happen when the headset is powered off, and you can immediately hear the white noise drop out when powering the headset off.
-It is volume-independent. Headset volume(via tray tool) can be at 0% or 100% and it still sounds the same.
-Normally I'd write this off as just second-day "find something to be wrong" psychology, but there is an extremely marked difference in the activity/level of this white noise when I plug in the charging cable. It halves the volume of, if not eliminates entirely, this background noise.
-Powering on while plugged in decreases the noise only until you unplug the headset
-This is also mic-independent. Whether the mic boom is down or up(muted) the sound remains the same.

Not a deal-breaker, but figured I'd make note of it here with the info for your engineers to look at.
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Old 05-25-2012, 01:58 PM
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Thank you for your feedback on your new headset. I'm glad overall you are having a good experience.
Support accounts and tickets can be created at
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