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Old 01-30-2012, 04:01 PM
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Important Corsair SP2500 - Room for improvement (update)

Hi all,

Just some thoughts about these speakers;
I had the Logitech Z-2300 THX. They were getting old so, i decided to bet my money on this system. Let me tell you; although the Corsairs sound clean and all, the Logitech´s still KICK ***. And why? Here it goes; With the Corsairs, everything is decided by the DSP. The bass intensity, the audio tone, treble sparkness and pretty much everything else sound related. There´s almost no control on how you really want and expect them to sound. And it doesn´t really matter if you try to compensate it with some EQ. If the volume on the sound card is pumped up, the speakers tone down the treble, wich, in turn, immediately affects the tonal character of the music. When the speakers volume goes up, the bass gets to a point where it doesn´t go any higher, plus, some really annoying port noise. Max volume on these compares to around 70% on the Logitech´s and, without the port noise. With the Corsairs, there´s loudness alright but mainly from the satellites and that´s not enough to make you "feel" the music. It´s like they are "politely loud". Bring down the volume and the bass comes back. With the Logitech´s, the bass knob really puts a smile on your face, no matter the volume level. That knob should be named thunder, and, that´s what´s missing on the Corsairs. Impact. Something is missing and you know what? The human factor. They are too controlled. It´s a computed sound and it fails to deliver emotion when you crave it. Everything sounds constrained within technical specs. They sound ok at low volumes but, turn it up and the overall dynamics fade into the DSP´s brain. For gaming? I think the engineers who planned this set soon realised that with music, it was not really up to task so, they were marketed as "gaming speakers".

Now, since this is a programmable DSP, here are some sugestions for the next firmware upgrade, in order for us to engineer our own sound;

-DSP override mode with selectable crossover points for all drivers, up to safety parameters.
-Hi & Low pass filters.
-Custom max subwoofer output, up to safety parameters.
-Satellites volume independent from subwoofer.
-Custom EQ´s.
-Don´t tone down the high frequencies upon sound card max output.
-Option to show system volume and other parameters as percentage.
-Option to reset to system defaults by software, or 3 button press.
-Color schemes.

As someone around the internet said, the Z-2300 THX, as far as PC audio goes, were " The Last of The Titans". Don´t make me believe it ;) ...

Thank you.

After having these for less than a month, i sold them. Good riddance. Many hours were spent tweaking the sound back and forth without satisfying results. For the last week i had them, i was just enjoying my music through headphones so, what did i get as a replacement? The Edifier S730D Signature Series. These are a truly amazing set of speakers. The Subwoofer alone weighs the entire Corsair package, plus 10Kg (!). The sub; Front firing 10", 150W amplifier with double passive radiators, one on each side of the MDF enclosure. The satellites; 3.5" mid and a 1" tweeter on a MDF, piano lackered enclosures. 75Wx2 Watt for these. Total power- 300 Watts RMS. Digital toslink and coaxial inputs plus two more analogue inputs. Wired control pod with info display plus a credit card sized infrared remote control with audio, input selection and power options but, the best thing...? The sound of it all.
There´s no tricky DSP here. No 50% or whatever sound card output for decent clarity and no port noise at all. Everything is the way you want it to be. Need more bass? More treble? More power? Just twist the dial and these babies will deliver clear and thunderous sound to your heart´s content. YOU, are in control. These, are nothing short than a personal earthshaker and, for that matter, the rest of the building. Awesome!

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Old 05-28-2012, 05:04 AM
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I had a similar feeling when i heard the SP2500 the first time.
My earlier set: Altec Lansing MX 5021.

Seems like the SP2500 has a void with its freq response, the mids ie. Not the same feeling despite having oodles of RMS power.
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