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When I use my "advanced"profile, CUE occupies 5% of my 6-core system's CPU.
When I use my "basic"profile, CUE CPU usage jumps to 15%.

I am using just the VOID USB headset, the K95 RGB Platinum, and the M65 Pro RGB.

My "Random Rainbow" profile has more lighting effects in basic mode, so CUE works harder. Of course, using so much CPU does cause noticeable lag, but simpler profiles do not make CUE work so hard. Also, I can shut CUE off, and rely on hardware profiles.

But... please clarify... are you saying you only get the "ridiculous amounts of lag" when CUE is "open"? By which I take it that you have the CUE application window brought to the foreground? If this is the case, then it may be that you have some inefficiencies in your OpenGL drivers that CUE uses to draw the dynamic graphics in its interface.
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