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Originally Posted by HOODedAssault View Post
1K holy crap. I was thinking about grabbing an xspc 240 rad kit with d5 vario pump and a 780 block. Would be like 500 with shipping all said and done. I suppose once you have 2 rads a crap load of custom fitting and good tubing etc. It can ad up quick. I'm too Dutch to spend that kind of money on cooling I think.

Plus I just noticed the new 780ti dc2 comes in black and gold option. Would look so good with my board. Decisions decisions.
i had thought fitting would had been the cheapest,in single parts they are but the price really adds up when you get a dozen,,of course i got a few extra items to try and avoid a re-order

the 540 is a great case,i think youll love it,im waiting [hoping] on a new version thats 1 inch taller and longer as it would make custom cooling much easier...
My 4930k Air 540 Custom Loop Build Pics
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