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LoL.. did you actually read my comments RAMGUY???

I already told you that I read a comment by you on another i7 users thread where you recommended upping the QPI voltage to 1.6v, however, Intels say that the QPI voltage shouldn't exceed 1.35v, so I didn't want to chance running the voltage that high, so I raised it one increment in the BIOS from 1.35v to 1.355v, and then started testing for stability with Prime95, and it has been on the exact same run for 37 hours now, and still going strong...

I think by raising the QPI voltage up a notch seems to have done the trick, though I am still unsure whether this is my rig properly stabilized as I have managed to get it stable previously and then the next day I go back to my PC to test it, and it started crashing all the time again!!!

What piece of hardware would cause intermittent crashes like this??

The CPU can be ruled out of the equation as it has already been tested on someone elses rig and it was working just fine...

I personally think that it is the RAM or PSU that is causing these problems, however I will just wait and see how this new RAM works in my rig, if it works fine after installing different RAM these Corsair modules will be getting sent back...

Does Corsair have anywhere in the UK that handles RMA's, or will I just have to deal with the e-tailer I purchased them from?

I would prefer to go direct with Corsair...
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