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OK, running each module one at a time runs memtest for 5 hours no problem at all, but when I have them all installed (yes in the white slots!) it runs memtest for about 3 hours without a problem, but at some point after that it crashed and the bottom half of the screen was all corrupted with red bits,, I guess it was probably errors, but the system crashed before it got the chance to display them properly...

I took pictures of the memtest runs with 1 module at a time, and also took a pic of the screen corruption after 3 hours with all 3 modules installed running at 1600MHz with the XMP profile...

I am currently running large in place FFT's in Prime95 with all 3 sticks installed, and it has been going for about 4 hours now without any problems as well...

The problem seems to come and go, as I have managed to get it stable before, but after I turned it off, and then went back to use it the next day, I did somemore testing for stability and it started crashing again!!!

I am starting to suspect my PSU is probably the cause of this and not my RAM...

Does anyone else have any suggestions?


I am running the latest official BIOS for my board, I tried the F8b beta BIOS but it caused my rig to crash even more than it already does!!!

And I have tried everything you have suggested already... I have spent almost 2 weeks trying to source the problem in this rig!!!

I will give it til the end of this week coming to see if I can get it 100% stable, and if I am still experiencing problems after next weekend, I will look into RMAing everything back to the suppliers....
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