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First of all, did you put the modules at the white slots creating a tri channel configuration? I'm referring to the white slots 1,3,5 according to your manual.
As long as you're able to keep your system stable at stock speeds it's probably ram settings. If I were you I would do the following:
Enter the bios and manually set your timings according to Corsair. Particularly I would set: Vdimm = 1.65V (if there isn't try 1.64v just to be on the safe side), timings 8-8-8-24 @ 1600MHz and leave qpi/dram @ auto. That would let the system to choose the necessary voltage for your qpi/dram automatically. Save your settings and enter os. If you're able to enter os watch your easytune utility to check what is the voltage that the system applied to your qpi/dram. That way you will avoid giving high values from the beginning. Qpi/dram voltage isn't a standard and that's dependable on the memory controller which for a corei7 is integrated to the cpu.
"I also read somewhere last night, that the difference between Vcore and QPI/VTT voltage should only be .5v, is this correct?" Well, that's unofficial, I would't take it for granted.
Also check if you have the latest bios version. You can check that link for beta bioses.

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