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My apologies Krazykid as it can get confusing for us end users on who's who created it. In all honestly, I wish all the great profile creators got together and made one jumbo pack. Of course with all the credits included on a word document of some sort or a short video like they do in the movies.

I want to thank you both and anyone else I might have missed for all the hard work you folks have put in.

Originally Posted by krazykid View Post
What's actually really unfortunate is that me as a creator is forgotten by a lot of people and i've noticed it D: I created those flags and the importer/exporter. The importer is designed to work with my profiles but ever since the latest CUE version 2.13 and 14 it no longer even imports my icons and backgrounds and i am working on getting this fixed. I will keep you updated here:
Ah ok. Again, I got confused. I actually used the importer the first time on Schwitz's pack and it locked up my mouse and keyboard. Not exactly sure what happened there or if it was incompatible but I went on his site and downloaded the newest 2.14 pack and worked after a hard restart. Just didn't get all the icons and backgrounds installed as I have to do that manually.

My next question to either one of you or both is, if I were to do all that work, is there a way to save this as one big file and be able to import it all and not have to do all that again? Can I export all of this and import it at a later time and still work as it was before (icons, backgrounds, etc)?

My other question to you specifically Krazykid is, will your 13.0.0 and flag packs get updated to be used with the importer to CUE 2.14? If not, is there a way I can bring those back to life as I really enjoyed them.

Again, thanks to you both and wish everyone could come together and make a jumbo pack for all of us in the forums. I understand you folks have your own sites and such and understand that can be left the way it is there but for the sake of confusion here, I think a combination of everything would be best.

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