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Originally Posted by GTXJackBauer View Post
Can I ask, is the CUE 2.14 Profile Pack [20.5 MB] a combination of all the older packs with all the newest additions? Does it include all the packs from here and all the flags?

I just installed CUE 2.14 and used the importer. Selected all the profiles in the 2.14 Profile Pack and got all the profiles imported. I'm not seeing any icons or backgrounds. Wondering if I did something wrong.

Thanks for all the hard work you do btw.
The pack consists of all the profiles I've created up to this point, all updated to version 2.14 (The thread you linked is quite out of date now btw)

Currently I don't have a pack designed to work with the KrazyKid importer, meaning you'll have to add the icons manually.

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