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So after a few weeks of troubleshooting and trial and error I think I've got it. So here's the deal, you'll need to remove a few of the drivers and some files form the driver store file as well.

1) First, go into device manager and uninstall the HD audio device.

2) Now you'll need to do some leg work. Open up your windows folder then to system 32. Once there look for the file labeled drivers. Look for HDaudio.sys. Now in order to delete this file you'll have to change the ownership from trusted installer to yourself. Right click on the file and open properties, then the security tab and at the bottom click advanced.

3) At the top of the window next the owner title it will say trustedinstaller. Click change and type in your account name on your computer under the "Enter the object name to select" section and click ok.

4) You'll be taken back to the previous window where you can click apply.

5) Select ok at the bottom and again on the pop up, if the window just closes that's fine too. Now close the drvers properties window and reopen it. Go back to security, advanced and now you'll be able to add your account name to the list of permissions for the driver. Do so by clicking add in the window and adding your account name to the list click through oking everything and close the properties windows. Now you can delete the driver.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 for the driver HDaudiobus.sys.

7) Go back and open the DriverStore file in system32 then select en-US or what ever version you've chosen to install. Find the file adn follow the same steps above to delete it along with the hd audio bus info file as well.

8) go back, open file repository and delete the hdaudio and hdaudiobus file folders.

9) Open your system window and to the left of the computer name, in the third section click on change settings, click the hardware tab, then device installation settings.

10) Click the radio button "No, let me choose what to do" then "Never install driver software from Windows Update. You can leave the box checked. Save changes and restart.

I had screen grabs of the steps but on one of the re installs of windows I lost them. If you get turned around google is your best friend but I'll do my best to help as well. I hope this works for you guys as well as it's worked for me so far. Good luck!

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